Governor Profiles

Mr Lyndon Jones – Chair of Governors

I retired in 2007 from the Forensic Science Service, where I worked first as an analyst/toxicologist, latterly on business projects in IT, finance, performance monitoring and Quality management.
I have been a Governor at St Ignatius’ for over ten years. I got to know the school when my wife worked there. She continues to support the school in a voluntary capacity, listening to readers and helping children with English as an additional language. I have no business  ,or  financial interests affecting this role.

Proudly, I am a father of three grown up children and grandfather of seven.
I am also parish treasurer for St Joseph’s Church, Withnell.

I really enjoy my role as Chair of Governors and hope to support the school, staff and pupils in many ways.


Mr Richard Ainscough – Vice Chair of Governors

I am a Foundation Governor at St Ignatius’ primary school and have been for many years, upholding different roles including Chairman. In addition to supporting this school, I am also Chair of Governors at Cardinal Newman College, Preston.

I am married to an Indian lady who qualified as a lawyer and worked primarily in equal opportunities with the Lancashire County council. We have two children, a lawyer and an accountant – surprisingly, with five grandchildren!

Now largely retired my career of Chartered Accountant has been spent in practice in London and the North West. I am also a Director of an Aerospace Company. My interests are in giving back to others the benefits of the very good education and skills I acquired. I enjoy seeing my children and grandchildren grow up and develop. I especially enjoy having more time for travel, local history, walking and reading.


Mrs Musarat Ahmed – Training Link Governor

I am a mother of 5 young childten- three of whom attend St. Ignatius and I look forward to the younger two to soon attend. I am passionate about ensuring we create a nurturing and engaging environment within our schools which brings out the best in the children. I am the Training Lead for the Governors and believe whether it is the governors, members of staff or even us individually as parents – each and every one of us needs to be engaged and involved to develop the right skills to enable us to deliver the best thereby offering the children the best opportunities to learn and excel. I enjoy working with the staff and governors driving school improvement but also would like to encourage all other parents to become engaged and support the school.

In my spare time I’m usually driving my children to their various activities – this could be a fulltime job in itself-  or I’m just enjoying spending quality time with the family.

Mr David Carruthers

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I recently retired from a career in Mental health nursing. Latterly as a nurse/manager at Frank Gardham house a specialist unit for client with Huntingdon’s Disease, before spending the last few years as a Community Psychiatric nurse for the Elderly.
I initially started helping at school, after Catherine my wife became a TA there. I enjoyed helping in class and assisting on the school trips with various classes throughout the school, finding these a wonderful experience for the children both educationally  and socially.
I have two grown up boys and two school age granddaughters and have always  taken a keen interest and been supportive in their education. I am also passionate about reading both my own and the families! Preston North End FC is also part of the family calling too, as is the theatre, travel and cathedrals.
I have only recently taken the position of governor, and felt proud to do so, as St Ignatius is at the heart of the community. The diversity in the school and its ethos of every child matters provides a supportive and warm environment for the children to meet their goals and grow both spiritually, emotionally and educationally .I have no financial or business interest in any capacity. I look forward to contributing to the fulfilling role of governor and meeting any needs of the school in any capacity.


Mrs Catherine Lewis – Local Authority Governor


I recently became a Governor in October 2017 and have since found out that my Gran was a pupil here many years ago! I am married and have had four children: three are now at university and one who had special needs. What first struck me about St. Ignatius was the warm welcome from the office staff and the teachers.

Accessing the school website and visiting the school I can see and hear about the activities that are happening, the success of the sports teams and the contribution of the choir make me proud to be a governor. However, what really matters to me is that every child feels safe and that they all reach their potential.

The role of a governor is about being a “critical friend” and I look forward to contributing to the school community by monitoring, questioning and challenging to ensure the best possible standards of education and support for all the children. I have no financial or business interests in this role. My recent qualifications include Business Coaching and a Master’s in Business Administration specialising in change management. Working as a planning officer for the local council I have visited many schools as part of assessing building projects and I hope that my practical experience of buildings will be useful too!

Mrs Jennifer Mein.

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I have been on the Governing body at St Ignatius’ for over 12 years, I am also a governor at Ribbleton Avenue infant School, supporting my local community is a key priority for me.
I am a mother of 4 children who all had the opportunity to attend university and graduate. I passionately believe access to an excellent education is every child’s right.
I hope that by being a governor at St Ignatius’, I can help staff and parents to get the best possible outcomes and attainment for our children. I have have no financial or business interests affecting this role.

Mr Adriano Petrylak – Parent Governor


I am a Parent Governor for St Ignatius’ Primary School. My mother was Italian and my father was from the Ukraine. We have family history with the school. I was brought up in Deepdale with it’s multi cultural life style and diversity. I have seen many changes in that time to the school and the area but the school has always been a steady, positive influence.
I had a serious spinal injury which has led me to get involved in community work (as a volunteer) in Preston for over 16 years. I started by organising a DJ workshop in a few venues in Preston for over 2 years and I was recognised by many for my work with young people.
I also was a volunteer as radio presenter in Preston FM for 9 years.  In which we got involved with many events and actives throughout Preston. We dealt with many schools, associations, charities, theatres and events with all ages from young toddlers, to the disabled and elderly.
Like every parent in the St Ignatius’ family, we wish to see the best for the children and the school. I am a great believer in working in groups and teams to get things done and I look forward to working with many of you over the next few years.