Mr C. Hough

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mr J. Lickley

Teaching staff

  • EYFS     Mrs A. M. Deacon
  • Year 1   Mrs C. Haywood and Mr J. Lickley
  • Year 2   Mrs J. Wearden and Mrs L. Griffin
  • Year 3   Miss E. Park
  • Year 4   Miss J. Banks
  • Year 5   Mrs I Pugh
  • Year 6   Mrs R. Jones

Support Staff

  • EYFS       Mrs Vali and Mrs Robinson and Mrs Hall.
  • Year 1     Mrs Kiddiwala and Mrs Ahmed
  • Year 2     Miss Hutton and Mrs Kiddiwala
  • Year 3     Mrs Curwen and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 4     Miss Patel and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 5     Mrs Morris and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 6    Mrs Potts and Mrs Griffin
  • School Librarian: Mrs Carruthers
  • Sports Apprentices: Mr Whiteley

School Office Staff

  • School Business Manager: Mrs Wright
  • School Office Staff: Mrs Dawson and Mrs Carruthers


  • Nurture Mentor: Mrs Huggonson
  • Nurture Support Staff: Mrs Joseph