Mr C. Hough

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mr J. Lickley

Teaching staff

  • EYFS     Mrs A. M. Deacon
  • Year 1   Mrs C. Haywood and Mr J. Lickley
  • Year 2   Mrs J. Wearden and Mrs L. Griffin
  • Year 3   Miss E. Park
  • Year 4   Miss J. Banks
  • Year 5   Mrs I Pugh
  • Year 6   Mrs R. Jones

Support Staff

  • EYFS       Mrs Vali and Mrs Robinson and Mrs Hall
  • Year 1     Mrs Kiddiwala and Mrs Ahmed
  • Year 2     Miss Hutton and Mrs Kiddiwala
  • Year 3     Mrs Curwen and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 4     Miss Patel and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 5     Mrs Morris and Mrs Joseph
  • Year 6    Mrs Potts and Mrs Griffin
  • School Librarian: Mrs Carruthers
  • Sports Apprentices: Mr Whiteley
  • Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Vali, Mrs Dolan, Mrs Patel, Mrs Hall and Mrs Robinson
  • Site Supervisor: Mr Delaney

School Office Staff

  • School Business Manager: Mrs Wright
  • School Office Staff: Mrs Dawson and Mrs Carruthers


  • Nurture Mentor: Mrs Huggonson
  • Nurture Support Staff: Mrs Joseph

Curriculum Responsibilities

RE C. Hough
English J. Wearden
Maths R. Jones
Science I. Pugh
Computing L. Griffin
Art A.M. Deacon
DT A.M. Deacon
Humanities J. Banks
Music C. Haywood
Assessment J. Lickley
MFL L. Griffin
PE J. Lickley
PSHE C. Haywood
DSL C. Hough and J. Lickley
AGT C. Hough
EAL I.Pugh
NQT Mentor J. Lickley
RQT Mentor J. Lickley
SENCO C. Hough
Phonics J. Wearden
Behaviour C. Hough and J. Lickley
Pupil Voice A.M Deacon
Early Years Foundation Stage A.M Deacon
Parental Engagement A.M Deacon/I. Pugh
HRSE C. Hough