Please find information below about our History curriculum and some activities for your child to complete at home.

Please contact Miss Banks via the email address on the Year 4 page, should you have any questions.


VE Day ideas…

VE Day – or ‘Victory in Europe Day’ – marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. You could use some of these resources in your home learning.

VE Day Resources:

BBC Teach Resources


KS1 VE Day Activity Tasks

KS2 VE DAY Home Learning


What would we be doing in History in the Summer Term?

This is the overall curriculum map that your child will follow in History this term. History and Geography work on a rota system so not all years cover History this term.

Year 1: The Great Fire of London


Year 5: Ancient Greece

There are lots of great video clips and ideas on the BBC Bitesize website for a range of topics. Primary Homework Help also offers a range of useful information about History topics.

BBC Bitesize


The BBC Bitesize website has short videos and activities for KS1 History and KS2 History.

Discovery Education Espresso


Discovery Education / Espresso are offering free access to their resources during the shutdown.

Discovery Education Espresso

Username: Student18718

Password: discovery2020

Other ideas…

As well as your topics, why not take this opportunity to learn about some of your family history? You could talk about how your family members grew up and discuss the similarities and differences with your experience. Are there any old photographs/objects you could look at? What information do they give you?

This coronavirus pandemic is a major event in human history and will be talked about for years to come.  Why don’t you keep a diary that you can share with people in years to come.  Imagine reading it to your grandchildren!