Please find information below about our Geography curriculum and some activities for your child to complete at home. Please contact Miss Banks via the email address on the Year 4 page, should you have any questions.

What would we be looking at in the Summer Term? …

This is the overall curriculum map that your child will follow in Geography this term. History and Geography are on a rota system so not all years cover Geography this term.

Year 2: Geography of the UK

Year 4: Rivers

Year 6: Human Geography – land use/ economic activity 

There are lots of great ideas on the BBC Bitesize website for a range of topics. Information and activity ideas can be found on the National Geographic Kids website, just search your topic.  Twinkl also offers a range of geography activities for children.

BBC Bitesize Geography


The BBC Bitesize website contains short videos and activities for KS1 Geography and KS2 Geography.

Geographical Association


The Geographical Association have produced some ideas for geography that can easily be done at home.

Ideas for Geography at home

National Geographic Kids


The National Geographic Kids website has articles appropriate for junior children.

Discovery Education Espresso


Discovery Education / Espresso are offering free access to their resources during the shutdown:

Discovery Education Espresso

Username: Student18718

Password: discovery2020

Mapwork ideas…

As well as your topics, why not create a map of a well known area/route or create a treasure map of your home for somebody in your family to follow?



We have free access to digimaps until the end of July 2020.  The details are below:

username: PR11TT

password: mithed3548