Green fingers in Year 1

The children were very excited to see what had happened to the sunflower seeds we planted! We are investigating what conditions plants need to grow. One pot was kept in the dark, one in the sunlight with no water and one pot was kept in sunlight and given water. Which seed do you think will grow best?

Year 3 Science project

This week in science we explored how a toy car could move. We investigated how to make the car move by itself, how to make it go faster and slower. We also experimented with how we could make a car toy car travel further. We learned about motion and the forces that make it happen, we discussed how friction can contribute to make things slower.

By Saarah and Holly



Science Week: UCLAN Dentist Morning Y4

Year 4 were visited by 8 Dental students from UCLAN today. As part of our ‘teeth and digestion’ topic in Science, we took part in 4 workshops all about teeth.

We learnt about the different types of teeth in animals and humans, by exploring different skulls and counting our own teeth.

We chewed a disclosing tablet which showed us where all of the bacteria was on our teeth! We then learnt how to brush our teeth properly, in order to clean away all of the bacteria.