Maths is Fun Day at Pear Tree School!

8 of our pupils were lucky enough to be invited to the ‘Maths is Fun’ afternoon at Pear Tree School in Kirkham. We took part in lots of ‘World Cup’ themed activities alongside other schools, as well as learning lots about the children and teachers at Pear Tree School.

Thank you to Vicky and all of the teachers at Pear Tree School who organised such a fantastic day!

A special week in Year 3

This week the whole school celebrated the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle by having a picnic. We all dressed up as princes and princesses. Lots of us wore blue, white and red. In class we learnt about Ancient Rome. We talked about Boudicca and how she defeated the Romans. The best part was when we ended the week with a Roman feast. We dressed up in togas and ate fruit and drank (pretend) wine. We had lots of fun. Some of us pretended to be slaves and provided entertainment to the rich Romans, by telling jokes, doing magic tricks and dancing.

By Lucasz.R. and Suleman.A.