Year Two – Counting Coins


Hello Year Two,

I have been busy emptying my money box today.  I had lots of coins so decided to see how many ways I could make 50p.  I found lots of ways!

If you have coins at home can you make 50p?  If you don’t have coins you could draw the coins you would use to make 50p.

I am enjoying writing little comments to you when you hand-in your purple mash activities!  Please keep it up!

I have set three new counting coins tasks for you.  I look forward to seeing your work!

Mrs Wearden

Hello Year 4!


Hello Year 4! I’m so pleased to see lots of people handing in their work on PurpleMash. I have added some additional work to your 2dos to be handed in this week, to accompany your Home Learning Pack 2.

I will be uploading a third Home Learning Pack at the end of the week. I hope you and your families are well. Keep up all your hard work!