Exam and assessment results

The following is information from the Year 6 SATs that were taken in May 2019:

St Ignatius’ Catholic Primary School  

KS2 SATs results 2019

Pupils who achieved the Expected Standard or above in reading, writing and maths: 64% (National: 64.8%)

Pupils who achieved the Expected Standard or above

Reading: 64% (National: 73.1%)

Writing: 68%  (National: 78.4%)

Maths: 73%  (National: 78.6%)

Average Scaled Scores

Reading: 104.4 (National score: 104.4)

Maths: 104.9 (National score:105.0)

Average Progress Score from KS1 to KS2

Reading: -0.06 (average)

Writing: -1.65 (average)

Maths: -0.35 (average)

Pupils who achieved above the Expected Standard

Reading: 27% (National: 26.9%)

Writing: 5% (National: 20.1%)

Maths: 32% (National: 26.6%)

Combined: 5% (National: 10.5%)

School performance table

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