Y3 – DT Project (Structures)

Year 3 have had a fantastic time creating their ‘Euro 2020’ themed plant pots!
We decided our structure should represent the current competition we are very excited for, as our chosen shape looked similar to a football. We also wanted to celebrate the range of nationalities we have here at St Ignatius.
We designed, created, modified and evaluated our structures and we are really proud of them. We hope you like them!

Next, we used accurate cutting skills to ensure our shape was correct
We learnt the skill of ‘ribbing’ to make sure our structure was strong
Then, we trimmed the excess art straws around the pentagon shapes
We started to assemble the 3D structure
Lining the ribbing to make our stucture strong and secure
Painting it white as we researched the most effective colour for a plant pot. A white pot reflects the sunlight and provides optimum growing conditions
Painting the flags – celebrating our different nationalities!
Our decorated structure after modification
Waterproofing the pot so it is ready for purpose
Planting the pots
Come on England! We are so proud of our work and really enjoyed completing this topic.
The final product!

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