Weekly ideas to try:

Here are some ideas to break up your curriculum work. Share your pictures with your teachers and we will put them onto the blog!

Make- it Monday – using objects that you would usually throw away in the recycling bin, make something new! Make sure they are safe, please do not use tins or cans that have been opened. They need to be nice and clean before using them.

Try-it Tuesday – try something new today. It could be a new game, a new food or a new language. Try it together with your family!

Water play Wednesday – get outside today and explore using water. If you have measuring jugs, measure the capacity yourself! If you have some empty and clean food or liquid containers, use the jug to measure the capacity it will hold in ml and L.

Thoughtful Thursday – Draw a picture for a friend or neighbour. They will love to receive a picture from you. You could even write them a letter to cheer them up! If this is not possible, you could take a picture and send it to them instead.

Foodie Friday – Get involved in making your own lunch today. Check the eat-well plate to make sure you have a balanced meal. KS2- where did your meal come from? Read the labels on the packaging to track your food and make a food map.

Have fun, everyone!

Mrs Griffin

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