A letter from the Peace Proms team…

This came today – I wanted to share it with you all…

Dear Principals, Teachers and Choir Directors,

Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in Liverpool Peace Proms 2019 at the M & S Bank Arena last Saturday. The choirs were absolutely sensational, both the singing and the choreography were outstanding. It was incredible to see the months of work come to fruition over the weekend, in spectacular style. Please pass on our congratulations to all the children for their sparkling and brilliant performances!!

Thank you for being so helpful along the Peace Proms journey from project commencement at registration last year, to concert day; from getting all your information and details to us accurately and within deadlines; through the choral workshops; to managing your choir groups on concert day. This contributed enormously to a fantastic concert.  

We hope that the children had the ‘best day ever’, and will have wonderful, positive and lasting memories of this special occasion. We hope that they will carry the messages expressed in the songs with them throughout their lives and aspire to do their best throughout their lives. We hope they will ‘shine’, and always make their voices heard in the knowledge that they can ‘inspire’, ‘empower’, ‘enlighten’ and ultimately ‘heal the world’.

Finally, we hope that the experience of singing with a full symphony orchestra will strengthen their confidence and inspire them to participate in musical projects throughout their lives. 

To the Principals and Teachers who participated last year and returned this year – HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, and to everyone who sang with us for the first time – HUGE THANKS FOR JOINING PEACE PROMS 2019. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYBODY! We hope to see you all again next year for our 25th Anniversary Concert! 


I am so proud of all the choir children for their hard work over the last few months. Thank you to all the families in supporting this journey – what a wonderful experience for us all!

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