170 miles so far!

Through our ‘Share the journey’ campaign we have managed to walk 170 miles collectively so far!

Thank you to everyone in the school and wider community who took part in this walking experience, it has helped us to remember our brother and sister refugees around the world who are so much less fortunate than ourselves.

We have received a letter from CAFOD, thanking us for our support:

Dear St Ignatius School,

Thank you for walking around the world with us in solidarity with people forced to flee their homes.

Your miles will be added to our totaliser.

These miles are a sign of your commitment. We will share the amazing total with our government to send a powerful message that they too need to step up and protect the rights of refugees and migrants.

Please keep checking back to the totaliser see how far we’ve travelled together, and to discover new inspiring stories of the Church’s work with refugees and migrants around the world. Each time we reach a new stage on our 24,900-mile journey, we’ll share a new story, video or blog.

And please continue to remember the plight of refugees and migrants in your prayers.

Best wishes,

Daniel Hale

Head of Campaigns, CAFOD

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