Safer Internet Day 2018 – Year 4

It was Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. Year 4 took part in a drama activity, where they read about a boy who had taken a picture of his friend without his consent. He then sent it on to everyone he knew. Year 4 talked about what they would have done, and made their own ending to the story. We came up with an ‘Online Safety Agreement’ as a class.

Keep watching the blog to see what other classes got up to on Safer Internet Day!

2 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day 2018 – Year 4

  1. Year 4, thank-you for leading our Safer Internet Assembly so expertly. I can see that you really enjoyed the activities Mrs Griffin planned and learned a lot too!

    Back in the last century when I was in year 4, we had one computer in the whole school! Imagine that!

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